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FirstEnergy Corp is an electric utility headquartered in Akron, Ohio. Its subsidiaries and affiliates are involved in the distribution, transmission, and generation of electricity, as well as energy management and other energy-related services. Its ten electric utility operating companies comprise one of the United States' largest investor-owned utilities, based on serving 6 million customers within a 65,000-square-mile (170,000 km2) area of Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and New York. Its generation subsidiaries control more than 16,000 megawatts of capacity, and its distribution lines span over 194,000 miles. In 2018, FirstEnergy ranked 219 on the Fortune 500 list of the largest public corporations in the United States by revenue. In November 2016, FirstEnergy made the decision to exit the competitive power business, and become a fully regulated company.

This is what an employee had to say about their experience of working at First Energy for 6 months, "When is FirstEnergy going to stop treating its employees like trash? And how much longer will the company's stockholders quietly suffer company mismanagement all the way to suckville? This company can’t be trusted and poor leadership that leads you to failure lack of training poor leadership no value."


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Paul Coleman says

"the worst energy company I've ever had. I've only been able to redeem my perks once and then they suspended my account just because I was late on a couple of bills. I've been with this company for three years they always find a way to add extra charges. suddenly I got a bill for an extra $40 from an account I closed over 2 months ago. I'm pretty sure these people are con artists. Beware! Go with somebody else absolutely go with somebody else!!!!"

Noname Noname says

"Zero stars, actually. The company is terrible. Charges you if your lights spontaneously go out to come and fix the problem (not due to non-payment). The app is the only way to pay your bill without additional charge, but the app doesn’t work properly so they force you to pay by phone and therefore pay additional charges. Very unethical. Don’t use this company."

Brent McGillis says

"Just Energy is the absolute worst provider you could possibly be misled into buying utilities from. Totally dishonest lying b#stards has been my experience with Just Energy. If these lowlife turds phone you, hang up immediately. We paid these POS over a thousand dollars for 1 month of sheetty service, during the summer."

I R says

"I am not even where to start. So upset with Just Energy. I am not longer customer of yours since 1/2/20. On 5/8/20 I finalized all financial transaction with Just Energy. On 5/8/20 I spoke with someone named Nayerly. She explained to me that I still owed December 2019(12/4/19-1/1/20) bill in the amount of $ 74.62. Although I did not agreed, I still paid it on the same day 5/8/20. I got a confirmation number. Yesterday 6/30/20 I received an E mail stating I have an overdue bill in the amount of $99.00 plus some change. I spent over an hour trying to speak with someone. I was promised my call will be forwarded to someone that handle Georgia. I was directed to Canada, Texas and Bogota, Colombia 3 times. After I told the representative Andres that I understood English and didn't need someone that talk Spanish. Andre's assured that he was going to transfer me back to the US. But he transferred me back to Bogota, Colombia to a person named Jerome. This Jerome like Andres assured my call will be transferred to US. But again I was transferred to Bogota, Colombia to a Laura. I already was upset. I was sweating and my blood pressure hit the roof. When I felt I was getting more dizzy, I told Laura from Bogota what was happening and told her thank you and hang up. I couldn't deal with the situation any longer. Today 7/1/20, I received a call (470 809 9412) from a person from Africa stating she was calling from Just Energy. I told the person that I will call Just Energy myself and hung up. I called and the call went again to Bogota, Colombia to a Nicholas. I was explaining to Nicholas what was going on and without advising me and I still talking to him, I heard a music and then someone asking me what can he do for me. I told him I was talking with someone named Nicholas in Bogota Colombia. He told me he was Paval from India. That was very unprofessional of Nicholas from Colombia. I explained to Paval from India my situation and asked him if he can transferred me to the collection unit of Just Energy. I don't know what happened with the call, but it fell. I will try again tomorrow 7/2/20. I need someone to explained this bill that I am sure I do not owed. This is so upsetting. Two days with my blood pressure high."

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